The unique properties of

ThermaFreeze ice gel sheets

provide greater temperature control in the shipment of perishables, greatly reducing food, or temperature sensitive product spoilage. When Thermafreeze ice gel  sheets are used in packaging it provides longer cooling time than ice, or ice bricks. It is reusable and non-toxic! For more Thermafreeze information please visit ThermaFreeze can be used  for the following applications:


Medication (insulin) protection | Cold press  for injuries or post surgery | Personal shipping of gifts

Catering for Events and Festivals.  Travel, Expeditions:

Airline and hotel industry (replace dry ice) | Prepared food home deliveries | Shipping of perishable goods | Keeping food and beverages cold

Pharmaceutical, Medical and Veterinary:

Shipping of samples and vaccines |Cold pack and hot pack for injuries and physiotherapy | General hospital applications | Equine (Cold compress)


Not only is it easy to use, it is also very eco-friendly. Along with being able to be used multiple times by you but it can also be recycled. this product can also reduce freight and shipping costs. Each ice pack sheet contains 24 cells and consists of 4 materials- 3 film layers and a super absorbent polymer powder. The system works with the use of polymer within each cell that expands when you soak the sheets in water.


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