Monkey Music



Monday at Brook Hall
9am -12.30pm

Monkey Music nurtures a child’s natural love of music that will last a lifetime. Based on a progressive curriculum, we provide weekly music classes that are entertaining and educational, imaginatively taught by qualified teachers who gently encourage social and musical skills within a fun, stimulating and friendly environment.





Monkey Music classes are grouped by age:

  • Rock’n’Roll – from 3 months
  • Heigh-Ho – from 12 months
  • Jiggety-Jig – from 2 years
  • Ding-Dong – from 3 years


Over 300 songs (most of them specially written), musical games and exciting movement ideas are used throughout the curriculum – as the children move up through the classes, you will watch their musical skills develop before your very eyes!

Many lasting friendships are formed during music classes, and the children will continue to benefit as they develop musically throughout their pre-school years. If children experience classes which are both fun and nurturing, ultimately it may inspire a passion for music which continues for the whole of their lives.


telephone-01 01932 429240 

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